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The University of Wisconsin-Madison Fauxdags

The Fauxdags

The Wisconsin Fauxdags are entering their inaugural season with a new moniker, beginning a new chapter in a storied history of being a breeding pen for future Hodags, as well as a dominant ultimate team in its own right. The program began in the early 2000’s and since then has become one of the best B-teams in the nation. In 2016, the team won the Pittsburgh B-team nationals, beating Pitt –B 15-14 in a thriller. The team had started that Saturday morning with a 62-0 run, shutting out 4 teams in a row. Another program high mark came in 2012 at sectionals, when the B team took half comfortably on the legendary Wisconsin Hodags. Season in and season out, despite losing top talent each fall, the Fauxdags compete with the best.

In this inaugural season the Wisconsin Fauxdags are driven to carry on the storied torch of the Wisconsin B program. The legacy we inherit as a hardworking, gritty team that always plays with fiery Fauxdag Love inspires us to raise our collective bar. This season we look to attach to this identity renewed focus to promoting and playing with Spirit, being attentive to issues of gender inequity in our sport, and inclusive of all players. The chip on the shoulder of each overlooked b-teamer remains, and the fire in each Dag heart only glows hotter as the Fauxdags come here to prove that they are the real deal.

2019-2020 Leadership


Ben Rubin                      

Matthew Berkholtz         


Andrew "Coachball" Everts  

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