Logan Martin

I would like to begin by emphasizing how appreciative I am of the 2018 Hodag graduating class for this Kevin Crowley Spirit nomination. I also want to say thank you to the Hodag alumni for their continual support of this distinguished program and award.

This means many things to me, but it mainly represents how far I have come, how far anyone can come, within the sport of ultimate.  It is surreal to think that four years ago I did not know the sport of ultimate existed until a friend of mine told me to try-out for the Pimpdags (now Fauxdags).  At that time, I was intimidated by the process, being surrounded by a multitude of Hodags who were quite skilled.  I didn’t even know how to throw a forehand.  Fast forward a couple years and I am now a 5th year senior officer being recognized for this award.

At the core of the Hodag ultimate program is a competitive nature and drive to win a national championship, which in turn creates a strong bond that only forms under these conditions.  A bond that allows players to find that extra will to win and grind in the toughest situations because you know your teammates have your back.  Rising through the ranks from the B team to the A team, I have watched this bond shape other players and me.  These experiences have allowed me to become passionate about ultimate and passionate about motivating others.  The Hodag program proves that you can be skilled at ultimate and still be model citizens for your peers. The relationship is not binary.

The Kevin Crowley Spirit Award represents players who are fearless, motivated and consistently playing within the spirit of the game.  These are ideals in which I have tried to follow in the past but will double down on my commitment to as the recipient of this award.  In doing so, I hope to develop or inspire the next award recipient through my actions.  This is one of the many reasons I ran for leadership. Once again, thank you for this nomination.


“A life lived…in the spirit of the game”


Hodag love, 

Logan Martin