Five from Wisconsin at 2019 U24 Tryouts

Nick, Ted, and Rami from the Hodags and Brittney "Coconuts" Kokinos and Sarah "Say" Mondschein from Bella had the incredible opportunity to represent UW-Madison at U24 tryouts in California. We wish them the best of luck!

2018 Fall Hodag Newsletter

Below is the Fall Hodag Newsletter with rookie bios, alumni board and endowment information, and a word from the current Hodag board president Jon Gaynor '09. This document was created by Hodag alum Colin Camp '14.

Second North College Mixed Regionals

UW-Madison ultimate sent two combined mixed teams, named Wisco Mixco and Wisco Remixco, between Atropa, Bella Donna, the Fauxdags, and Hodags to compete at the 2018 North College Mixed Regionals. Wisco Mixco consisted of Hodags Ders, Cody, Logan, Jack, and Wham, and Wisco Remixco had Simon, Dan, Schewe, Jeff, Oscar, and (an injured) Kish. See the full rosters below.

Wisco Mixco went 3-1 on Saturday with easy wins over Cornell College and Central Michigan. They inched out an 8-7 win over Knox during pool play for the third win but took a bit of a thrashing against University of Chicago. On Sunday, Mixco beat Northern Michigan in prequarters handedly but went on to lose to Minnesota in quarters and then Knox in 5th place semis. Ultimately, Wisco Mixco took home 7th after Oberlin decided to opt out of the game due to injuries.

Similarly, Wisco Remixco went 3-1 in pool play, beating University of Illinois-Chicago, Oberlin, and Northern Michigan and suffering a devastating loss to Ohio State. In bracket play, they won over Wheaton but then went on to lose to University of Chicago (in a closer match than Mixco). Remixco went on to win the 5th place semi over Oberlin and then take 5th place after beating Knox.

As occurred last year, our two squads were able to participate in a discussion on equity Saturday night. The difference from last year was that the conversation was also open to other teams from the tournament, and a couple of teams made appearances. We were lucky to have our fellow hotdog Dan, Carly from Bella, and Trumoo from Atropa lead the entire body in conversation.

All-in-all, an incredible experience and tournament in which everyone enjoyed despite the cold and sloppy field conditions due the freezing and melting of the sod over the course of the day. We all had the opportunity to get to know people from the other UW ultimate teams and share a weekend of fun. Heartwarming stuff, I know.


Film of Wisco Mixco vs Minnesota:


Rosters for the two Wisconsin teams at North College Mixed Regionals 2018

Saturday Sweep at MLC 2018

Simon and Harry bumping chests. Thanks for the photos Carol Roan (Schewes' Mom)! 

Our only showing as a team this Fall as well as roster debut was at MLC 2018. We started off the day with a 12-6 sweep over Texas and another 13-6 win over Kansas. Our third game against Colorado was a very physical game but kept good spirit. JT had a huge, bone-crunching collision which left a Colorado dude pretty shaken up with a knee injury; that's always hard to see. A stall 9 flick huck from Tenor followed by a less-than-exciting two-handed claw catch next to the pack in the endzone by Ders was the game-ender; we inched out a 10-9 universe point victory over Mamabird with that grab. The cap and highlight of the day was our game against CUT. Nick won the flip for jersey color and told CUT to go dark, despite them only bringing their fresh white roundball jerseys. On the first point, CUT turned the disc on a first throw turnover giving our D-line a chance to attack. Veteran Ham Sebert (who somehow has another year of eligibility (we asked the big man (Tom Crawford))) goes to set the stack as Chody picks up the disc to begin our defensive lines attack. Sam, in a shear moment of panic after not beating CUT in three years, makes a "T" with his hands to set the stack instead of the standard fist... veteran move. Cody sees the "T" from Sam and calls a timeout on stall 4. There has not been a completed throw in the game, yet we've already won the mental game with the jersey flip and the early timeout. From there, it was easy money beating CUT 12-10, a first since MLC 2015.

As normally happens in the Fall of 2018, Sunday got rained out, and we went home early and undefeated. Played 3 of 4 possible tournament days this Fall, and we've definitely had better odds of not getting rained out in the past.

Mixed Regionals is the following weekend, but that wraps it up for Fall tournaments for the Hodags as a whole. We'll see you all in Tampa!

Link to Photos from MLC

2018/2019 Roster

After a 4-week long tryout process unfortunately without No Wisconsequences to conclude due to constant rain, the Hodags' 2018/2019 roster has been finalized. Congratulations to our rookies!

Oscar Felcan - Freshman

Jacob Wham - Freshman

Kevin Tan - Freshman

Rafi Moskowitz - Freshman

Simon Brooks - Freshman

Henry Goldenberg - Sophomore

Jack Mallmann - Junior

Anders "Ders" Shropshire - Senior

Tryouts Round 1 and Done

The first round of tryouts, which lasted one week, has concluded. There were 135 athletes who tried out for the Hodags this year. 60 were cut and 75 moved onto round 2. Round 2 is a two week process consisting of four practices. Check out the behind the scenes of Round 1 below:

Open Tryouts for the 2018-2019 Season

It's that time of year again! Tryouts for the 2018/2019 Hodags, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Men's Ultimate Frisbee Team, will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 PM beginning Tuesday September 11th. The tryouts will be held on the southside of the University Bay Fields next to the Waisman Center. Subsequent practices will be held during the same time slot along with weekend practices which will be from 10-1 on Saturday and/or Sunday.


Follow us on social media for more information as tryouts approach (click on the sidebar social media icons to get to our pages). If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


See the tryout flyer below for more information: