Sectionals a Week Later than Expected, Results as Expected

The Hodags, Fauxdags, and Daglets all together. Thanks to Carol Roan for taking photos!

After being delayed a week due to a blizzard and relocating to Rockford, Sectionals took place this past weekend (4/21-22). Due to field constraints, we had an odd schedule on Saturday with our first game at noon and last game at 6:30 P.M. We cleaned up on Saturday with wins over UW-Eau Claire, UW-LaCrosse B, the Daglets, and the Fauxdags. Sunday's schedule was equally as strange with games at 9:30, noon, and then 5:30; we were able to play the 5:30 game about an hour early because of a field opening. The 9:30 quarters game against UW-Stevens Point was a sweep. The UW-Milwaukee semis game proved to be quite contentious. After UW-Milwaukee slowly chipped away at us, we found ourselves needing to get 4 consecutive breaks to win. Fortunately with hard-nosed defense and patient offense, we were able to win at hard cap 9-8 over UW-Milwaukee in a grind of a finish. Finals were against UW-Whitewater which was won by a decent margin. 

After finals were over, we made our way to watch the Fauxdags who were in the game-to-go again UW-Eau Claire. Unfortunately, our brethren did not come out on top. This means that both the Fauxdags' and the Daglets' seasons have come to a close for the 2018 season. We hope to see these guys working hard in the off-season and come back to tryouts in the Fall with a chip on their shoulder!


Thanks to all the families and friends who came out to support us! Also, thanks again to Carol Roan (the Schewes' mom) for taking photos of the Fauxdags, Daglets, and us! Photos for 2018 Sectionals below:




The 2018 Hodags at Easterns thanking the parents and fans for all their support during the regular season. Thank you for the photos Carol Roan!

Falling on the last weekend of Spring Break and Easter, Easterns was the final tournament of the regular season for us with most of the top 20 teams from the college division. As such, this was the highest level of game play before the end of regionals and nationals.

Saturday was a long day as our schedule consisted of a first round bye followed by four straight games to 15 with 1:50 hard cap and 2 hours between rounds. Our first game against Michigan was handled with fair ease by the end, but the game was taken to hard cap at the end which finished with a 20 minute defensive break to win 13-7. Biggest play of the weekend was in that game when Harrison, one of our Freshman, absolutely skied the pants off a senior Michigan guy with a handful of inches on him; Harry took the contact and absolutely destroyed this guy for the bookends. The next game against Florida started immediately after which was a rematch after our loss to them at Warm Up; we played with a chip on our shoulder, took Florida to universe, and won 14-13. Again, we went immediately into the next game against Maryland. After a very slow first half, our defense picked it up in the second to ultimately win 15-12 right as hard cap was going off. After nearly 6 hours of consecutive playing, we were faced with our toughest matchup of the day: UNC. Unfortunately, our guys were looking slow and sloppy, and UNC made sure to pounce. We did manage to rattle off two breaks, and a defensive line put on offense managed to score a point (not that it means much, but almost half the points were scored by the defense for those counting). The final was 7-15 UNC after 7.5 hours of constant play for the day.

Taking second in our pool, we were put up against CUT to start off quarters on Sunday. Ultiworld captured our defeat on livestream as our defense was struggling to figure out switches and our offense had difficulty finding lanes through CUT's junk. Final score against CUT was 9-15 them. This put us in fivals for the third and final time this regular season. Our first game was against NC State which was slow for the first half, but we sped away with the 15-11 victory in the second half. In that game, Dan put the hurt in a blindsided hit that de-cleated Logan; Dan put Logan horizontal in the air about waist height which was both funny and terrifying until Logan popped up immediately after... then it was just funny. Our last game of the day for fivals was again against UNC. After agreeing to play to 11, we again lacked the intensity and drive needed to win the game. We lost 5-11 UNC finishing 6th at Easterns 2018. 

After a 16 hour overnight drive Easter Sunday, we were greeted with cold and 2" of snow in Wisconsin. Looks like we won't be getting outside anytime soon. Back to the gym, Shell, and McClain when we can to prep for Sectionals in two weeks. We have a lot to do before and during this postseason, but if we train with a chip on our shoulder, we can be a very successful and deadly team this post season.


Photos from Easterns 2018:



Thank you for the photos Carol Roan (Schewes' Mom)!

Equity Meeting with Atropa, Bella Donna, and the Fauxdags

We had a great discussion between players from our Wisconsin programs on Saturday 3/10/2018. Above are some of the actionable items we thought together to help promote equity within our programs as well as better chemistry between teams.

Stanford/Stevinson Invite

Chris Wilen making a grab over a Tufts player in pool play at the Stanford Invite. Thank you for the photos Carol Roan!

The Hodags went 5-2 this past weekend at the Stanford/Stevinson Invite (the field site was relocated to Stevinson, CA after the original fields were deemed unusable on Friday). Saturday was a bit cold and stormy with intermittent rain/hail along with a lightning delay; temperatures were between 40-50 F along with gusty winds that picked up throughout the day. In pool play, we beat Tufts and Colorado and lost to Oregon. The fourth round of the day (pre-quarters) had to be pushed to Sunday due to weather.

On Sunday, we beat Cal in pre-quarters, lost to CUT in quarters, and then won over Cal Poly and Brown for a 5th place finish. This will push up our rankings into a more comfortable place for bid allocation.

All-in-all, a good weekend with the people we had. There were some nagging injuries (Tenorman still is recovering from his ACL and Tommy and David were playing through shoulder injuries), but we are coming together as a team. We should have a full squad for Easterns and be ready to go in about a month.


Photos by Carol Roan:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Wrap Up on Warm Up

Ted Schewe running through the chunnel Sunday of Florida Warm Up. Thank you for the photos Jennie Miller!

The 3-day bloodbath has come to an end. After entering the tournament with an active roster of around 24, we finished the tournament with 17 players due to injuries ranging from blisters to shoulder dislocations. This gave our rookies the opportunity for some playing time in a high-intensity situation, and the rooks performed. Given the injury situation, we were fairly happy with our 5th place finish in the end. On to Stanford Invite in less than two weeks.


Videos of the pre-quarters against UCF and quarters against Minnesota may be up on the USF YouTube page


Photos by Jennie Miller:

Day 1 -

Day 2 -

Day 3 -


Photos by Carol Roan:


Another Roster Addition!

We picked up Ty in the beginning of the Spring semester. Ty is an international student from Hong Kong who may be playing U20s for his home country this upcoming summer. Congrats Ty!

Blue over Black, U20 tryouts, and Florida Warm Up

The 2018 Blue Black scrimmage concluded at midnight on Thursday 2/8/2018 in the McClain Center. Despite injuries (which usually seems to be an issue for Blue/Black), the game was incredibly intense with moments of glory and growing pains. John Tan was the obvious MVP of the game making some absolutely disgusting plays like starting off the first point laying out to catch a mac by Wolk for a score. Black took half 6-3, but Blue battled their way back to 9-9 and then broke twice to win the game. Final 11-9 Blue over Black

Ted Schewe, Sam Radack, and Jake Rubin-Miller flew out to San Francisco the day afterwards for U20 tryouts. They've put a ton of energy into training specifically for these tryouts. The Hodags are very gifted to have such a talented Freshman class. Best of luck to those guys!

Looking forward, Florida Warmup is right around the corner. It'll be the first time the Hodags get to strut on other teams since MLC. Although still dealing with injuries, we should have a fuller team than we brought to MLC. Time to take all that cooped up energy from the Shell and McClain and take it down to Tampa.

2018 Blue Black Teams

Game day for the annual intersquad match is at night on Thursday 2/8. Let the smack talk begin and hype commence!

Blue (T'n'T) Black (Jeff-Yu)
Ben Schewe Benny
Brano Dan
Chris Dayu
Cody Dox
Dirtball Harry
Kevin Ian
Karter Jake
Kish Jared
Logan Jeff
Matt Grinde Joey
Ted JT
Tenor Klaus
Wolk Sam R

Kevin Crowley Spirit Award 2017

Congratulations to David Yu for winning the Kevin Crowley Spirit Award for this year! David was selected by the most recent graduating class to receive the award. To read David's acceptance letter and more about the Kevin Crowley Spirit Award, click here

Mid-season Player Pick Up

We recently pulled up Daniel Garlock from the Fauxdags! Congrats on becoming a Hodag Dan!

Our program continues to look to the development and talent of our men's B-team. We are very lucky that the Fauxdags are such a competitive, driven program. 

A Video Introduction of the 2018 Hodags

MLC 2017 -- and we're on our way

Knocked Saturday out of the park going 4-0 in pool play. Wins over Colorado State Hibida 13-10, Northwestern NUT 11-8, Texas A&M Dozen 13-11, and Minnesota Grey Duck 13-10. The offense was flowing with great cutter work between Chris Wilen, Ted Schewe, and Sam Hebert on day one.

Going into Sunday, we had around 18 people (from our original 28 person roster) due to absence from the tournament, previous longterm injury, or pool play injury. Sunday bracket play started off with a pre-quarters game against LSU. The game became chippy very quickly which we were not able to play through effectively. LSU wins 9-11.

We cleaned up NUT 13-7 in consolation. The next two games were cancelled because the teams had left.

All-in-all, we enter into the winter season with a focus on our mental game which involves building chemistry together. We have 10 rookies who are still fresh to the team, but make no doubt, the Hodags will hit the ground running in the Spring starting with Florida Warm Up. With a chip on our shoulder, we'll be lifting, running, learning, and playing whenever possible; we are the hardest working team in the nation. 

Deep in thought at MLC 2017

Inception of North Mixed Regionals

This weekend of 10/28-29, the Hodags, Bella Donna, Fauxdags, and Atropa combined some players from everyone of the teams to represent UW-Madison in the first-ever mixed college tournament for the North Region in Appleton, WI. Baring the name "Wisco Mixed Co.," a couple of practices were held prior to the tournament as a unified mixed squad to build chemistry. Adam Klaus, Ben Schewe, Branavan Yogarajah, Chris Wilen, Cody Milstein, Andrew "Dirtball" Everts, Ian Hahn, and Sam Hebert represented the current Hodags on the field while recent alum Austin Reif and a currently injured Jeff Maskalunas coached the team. 

Wisco Mixed Co. went 3-1 in pool play including wins over Oberlin on universe, UW-Stout, and Northern Michigan and a loss on universe against Northwestern. On Sunday, we handedly took Mankato in quarter but fell on universe to Iowa State, walking away with third place.

The Wisconsin programs used this incredible opportunity to continue building relations between all four programs. The programs also took the time to sit down and discuss issues regarding gender equity to promote continued awareness for the Wisconsin programs. We hope to continue this event in years to come!

2018 Roster

The tryout process has come to a close. With a talented class of nearly 100 players, we boiled our roster down to 28. Along with our returners, congrats to the 2018 rookies:

Ben Schewe .............. Senior | 3 years Pimpdags 

Max Wolk ................. Senior | 1 year Pimpdag

Logan Martin ........... Junior | 1 year Pimpdag

Ben Kishter .............. Sophomore | 1 year Pimpdag

Jared Klein ............... Sophomore | Rookie

Matt Grinde .............. Sophomore | Rookie

Sam Radack ............. Freshman | Rookie

Harrison Bielski ....... Freshman | Rookie

Jake Rubin-Miller ..... Freshman | Rookie

Ted Schewe .............. Freshman | Rookie

We are excited to see these rookies develop and succeed as top-level players!

Split Squads for No Wisconsequences 2017

Congrats to those who made it to the third and final round of Hodag tryouts. Tryouts will conclude with No Wisco. Here are the Wisconsin split squads:

Team T'n'T Team Jeff-Yu
Harrison Bielski Juan Acosta
Peter Daly Jonah Baron
George Dippold Kevin Conway
Andrew Everts Connor Fahey
Tommy Gallagher Isaac Fine
Daniel Garlock Scott Groux
Matt Grinde Geordi Haerr-Hartmann
Sam Hebert Ian Hahn
Tim Hinkens Andy Haroldson
Karter Keller Dox Hill
Ben Kishter Andrew Hua
Seany Markey Andrew Ishikawa
Logan Martin Adam Klaus
Cody Milstein Jared Klein
Rami Paust Jeff Maskalunas
Sam Radack Evan McNamara
Mitch Rose Ben Pavelka
Ben Rubin Dylan Peterson
Ted Schewe Jake Rubin-Miller
Peter Ullrich Ben Schewe
Nick Vogt John Tan
Garrek Wierzba Joey Unrein
Branavan Yogarajah Max Wolk
David Yu

Tryouts and Fall Practice Schedule for 2017/2018

Monday 9/11, 4:30 p.m. at the south side of the University Bay Fields (near 600 Highland Ave) marks day one of tryouts for the Hodags (and Fauxdags). Tryouts will continue Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 p.m. with three rounds of cuts, concluding with a tryout split squad being sent to the Hodags' annual tournament No Wisconsequences (10/7-8). Those who do not make the Hodags are highly encouraged to play for our B-team the Fauxdags. The practice schedule for the Fall will be Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 along with a weekend practice around midday. Please contact our leadership with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!


If you are interested in trying out, please fill out the following form with your information:

Tryout Form


2018 Season Introduction

After a heartbreaking loss to UNC in quarterfinals at 2017 nationals, we are prepping to head into the 2018 season with revitalized energy and a chip on our shoulder. Our leadership is taking all of the necessary steps to make this upcoming season a very successful one, and we are looking forward to tryouts to see who will join the Faceless Army on the hunt for the addition of a fourth star (a fourth national championship for those new to the Hodags). We have many spots to fill on the roster this upcoming season, and we are looking for athletes and competitors to fill those roles.

Tryouts will begin early September. More details to come.

Please feel free to contact the 2018 leadership with any questions regarding the upcoming season:


Tommy Gallagher

David Yu        


Nick Vogt       

Jeff Maskalunas