Hodags Take the Region!

Whew! We made Nationals, that could have been embarrassing, huh? Anyway, the mud proves no match for the Hodags in Cedar Falls, Iowa and we take the region. See write-up for more details regarding regionals, sectionals, Stanford...and other things. Prepare Madison for Nationals! Also, vote Brian Hart for Callahan! Watch this if you need convincing.

Hodag Merchandise

Check out our updated merchandise page!


Hodags take 5th at the Stanford Invite...details to follow

Warm Up: A Hodag Affair

Hodags win Warm Up, going 9-0 on the weekend.

Possible video to come...although the camera may have broken. Here's the writeup, anyway. 

A Late Blue/Black Scrimmage

Hodags held the annual Blue/Black scrimmage last Thursday night at the McClain Center. Highlights are shown here.

Hodags! Spring 2013


Check out the blog for information on MLC and what's been goin' on with the Hodags since tryouts! Also, check out the MLC highlightsLook for Updates in the next few weeks concerning the Blue-Black scrimmage and Florida Warm-up!

Tryout tournament this weekend in Delafield WI. 10/13-10/14


After 6 hard weeks of tryouts the remaining players have been split up into two teams and are given a final chance to prove they deserve a spot on this year's Hodag roster. Both teams are led by a Hodag captain as well as several other returning players. This is the fifth year in a row that the Hodags have hosted the No Wisconsequences tournament, and the level of competition looks to be incredibly high! The official 2012-2013 Hodag team will be announced this Sunday night (10/14)!

Team Air China                                           Team American Airlines

Dayu Liu (C)                                                  Colin Camp (C)
Richie Giza                                                    Dan Wylie
Brian Hart                                                       Peter Guerin
Danny Gollin                                                  Lucas Simon-Wambach
Ben Rehmann                                               Andrew Meshnick
Kevin Etzel                                                    Connor Hartigan
Jordan O'Neill                                               Kelsen Alexander
Roy Fang                                                       Arren Alexander
Craig Cox                                                      Thomas Coolidge
Mike Gionet                                                   Azad Darbandi
Tanner Marshall                                           Danny Stuligross
Austin Reif                                                    Matt Stuligross
Ross Barker                                                 Jan Szmanda 
Nick Ladas                                                   Eric Jorgensen
Colin Sunde                                                 Nick Zeman
Sam Loveland                                              Bill Kluender  
Graeme Kernick                                           Sterling Knoche
Brian Novotny                                               Kyle Geppert 
Matt Becker                                                   Shane Saddison-Bradford   
Avery Johnson                                              Aaron Speiss               

Hodag Tryouts 2012/Pre-Tryout Open Scrimmages

Tryouts for the 2012-2013 Wisconsin Hodags will begin at the University Bay fields on Monday, September 10th and will continue on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 pm for six weeks! If you have any questions or need directions to the fields, please contact Dayu Liu at dliu7@wisc.edu or Colin Camp at ccamp@wisc.edu. Pre-Tryout open scrimmages will be Wednesday, September 5th and Thursday, September 6th at the same time and location. All are welcome, no playing experience necessary! Please bring a white shirt and a colored shirt and cleats.  

Here is a link to the Facebook page for this year's tryouts: