No Wisco Recap and New Rookies


The Hodags hosted and played at another successful No Wisconsequences tournament in Delafield, WI this past weekend. Both tryout teams did very well, Wisco-X led by captain Craig Cox took second, and Wisco-Y led by captain Avery Johnson took fifth. Both teams sole loss came to Minnesota-Duluth and both teams notched wins over Carleton CUT and Iowa IHUC. And so, after a very long and competitive tryout process, the Hodags are pleased to welcome 6 new rookies to the team. They include: 

Brandon Taitt - a fifth year from Carleton, originally from New Hope, MN.

Walter Cai - a fifth year from Cornell, originally from Madison, WI.

Nick Vogt - a freshman from Edina, MN.

Eric Von Kampen - a sophomore, originally from Hopkins, MN.

David Yu - a freshman from Madison, WI. 

Gordon Peterson - a fifth year from Cornell, originally from Amherst, NY.

Next up for the 2014-2015 Hodags team is our only fall tournament Missouri Loves Company in Columbia, MO November 8th and 9th.   

2014-2015 Tryouts

It is that time of year again! The Hodags are hosting open tryouts starting Wednesday September 3rd at 4:30 pm at University Bay Fields (southwest corner near the hospital parking lot). The open portion of tryouts will continue on September 8th and 10th. Come to the fields early and bring plenty of water, cleats, and a light and dark shirt. 


For additional information contact Avery Johnson at