2018 Roster

The tryout process has come to a close. With a talented class of nearly 100 players, we boiled our roster down to 28. Along with our returners, congrats to the 2018 rookies:

Ben Schewe .............. Senior | 3 years Pimpdags 

Max Wolk ................. Senior | 1 year Pimpdag

Logan Martin ........... Junior | 1 year Pimpdag

Ben Kishter .............. Sophomore | 1 year Pimpdag

Jared Klein ............... Sophomore | Rookie

Matt Grinde .............. Sophomore | Rookie

Sam Radack ............. Freshman | Rookie

Harrison Bielski ....... Freshman | Rookie

Jake Rubin-Miller ..... Freshman | Rookie

Ted Schewe .............. Freshman | Rookie

We are excited to see these rookies develop and succeed as top-level players!

Split Squads for No Wisconsequences 2017

Congrats to those who made it to the third and final round of Hodag tryouts. Tryouts will conclude with No Wisco. Here are the Wisconsin split squads:

Team T'n'T Team Jeff-Yu
Harrison Bielski Juan Acosta
Peter Daly Jonah Baron
George Dippold Kevin Conway
Andrew Everts Connor Fahey
Tommy Gallagher Isaac Fine
Daniel Garlock Scott Groux
Matt Grinde Geordi Haerr-Hartmann
Sam Hebert Ian Hahn
Tim Hinkens Andy Haroldson
Karter Keller Dox Hill
Ben Kishter Andrew Hua
Seany Markey Andrew Ishikawa
Logan Martin Adam Klaus
Cody Milstein Jared Klein
Rami Paust Jeff Maskalunas
Sam Radack Evan McNamara
Mitch Rose Ben Pavelka
Ben Rubin Dylan Peterson
Ted Schewe Jake Rubin-Miller
Peter Ullrich Ben Schewe
Nick Vogt John Tan
Garrek Wierzba Joey Unrein
Branavan Yogarajah Max Wolk
David Yu

Tryouts and Fall Practice Schedule for 2017/2018

Monday 9/11, 4:30 p.m. at the south side of the University Bay Fields (near 600 Highland Ave) marks day one of tryouts for the Hodags (and Fauxdags). Tryouts will continue Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 p.m. with three rounds of cuts, concluding with a tryout split squad being sent to the Hodags' annual tournament No Wisconsequences (10/7-8). Those who do not make the Hodags are highly encouraged to play for our B-team the Fauxdags. The practice schedule for the Fall will be Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 along with a weekend practice around midday. Please contact our leadership with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!


If you are interested in trying out, please fill out the following form with your information:

Tryout Form


2018 Season Introduction

After a heartbreaking loss to UNC in quarterfinals at 2017 nationals, we are prepping to head into the 2018 season with revitalized energy and a chip on our shoulder. Our leadership is taking all of the necessary steps to make this upcoming season a very successful one, and we are looking forward to tryouts to see who will join the Faceless Army on the hunt for the addition of a fourth star (a fourth national championship for those new to the Hodags). We have many spots to fill on the roster this upcoming season, and we are looking for athletes and competitors to fill those roles.

Tryouts will begin early September. More details to come.

Please feel free to contact the 2018 leadership with any questions regarding the upcoming season:


Tommy Gallagher     tsgallagher11@gmail.com

David Yu                  dlyu3@wisc.edu


Nick Vogt                 nvogtmn@gmail.com

Jeff Maskalunas        maskalunas@wisc.edu